Drive-thru Art in Rotterdam

How a drive thru museum was born: the famous Rotterdam Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum closed for renovations. Ahoy concert hall had to cancel all concerts and exhibitions due to Covid 19. They decided to join forces and create a unique drive thru museum in a 10.000 m2 darkened hall displaying over 50 works of art.


Entering slowly in your borrowed (or your own) electric car, moving in any direction you want to. There is only one rule: maximum speed is 5 km/hour.


Suddenly you find yourself driving through what looks like a Pieter Bruegel landscape, spotting the Tower of Babel on the left.



Works of art keep appearing in the headlights of the soundless cars: statues, statement art, visual art, dancing bears, climate protests and a red light district cabin…

Yes, it is modern art.
But most of all, it is an experience.


The experience of art after corona
Seen from an electric car
Not a sound, honking is forbidden
As is leaving your car

A horse is a horse


Finding the exit is an adventure in itself

Finding the Art

It may take a little driving around in the wrong parking lot, heading for the wrong hall and generally getting lost somewhere in between Ahoy buildings, asking personnel who have no idea what you are talking about for directions.
And when you do find Hal 1, some patience may be required, waiting for your borrowed electric car (sponsored by BMW & Mini) to arrive, be cleaned and made corona proof. Fortunately there is a campertruck providing food & beverages. Of course you can also use your own electric car if you own one.


Ahoy Hal 1, Rotterdam t/m 23 augustus 2020; time slot reservation required.




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